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You can obtain Samples or Swatches of our stock tartans by going to the specific Mill Section - eg Lochcarron. This section is for those who have been directd by our Tartan finder.
Special OrderSpecial Order
We can supply over 3,000 tartans registered with The Scottish Tartan Authority (apart from one or two modern ones which are copyright protected). These can be in any shade from ancient to modern and every stage in between. We supply these in an heavy weight 16oz cloth or a medium weight 12/13oz cloth. The cloth can be produced single width (30 inches) or double width (54-60 inches) with a minimum order quantity of only 15 metres. We have this cloth specially woven on an old loom that provides the old selvedge required for the traditional kilt. There aren't many of these looms left - but they produce wonderful cloth. Click HERE for more detail
House of EdgarHouse of Edgar
We supply the full range of Tartan Cloth from the House of Edgar.

Their Medium Weight (13/14 oz or 380gm) double width (approx 54ins 140cms) Kilting Tartan is made from 100% Pure New Wool on a dog cross loom that gives the traditional kilt selvedge. Always in stock are 160 Clan, 34 District tartans - including their Monarch of the Glen tartan. They also have an Old and Rare Collection of 400 lesser-known tartans that are generally available. As only small quantities of these tartans are kept in stock they are not always immediately available. If they are on "back order" you may have to wait a week or two for delivery. This is a useful service as it means that you can buy a few metres without having to commission a special weave.

Their Heavy Weight (16/17 oz or 480gm) double width (approx 54ins 140cms) Kilting Tartan is also made from 100% Pure New Wool. As with all House of Edgar "kilting fabric" this is woven on a dog cross loom to produce the traditional kilt selvedge.
Finally they also supply Regimental Weight Kilting Tartan to Ministry of Defence Standards.
For general clothing House of Edgar also supply a range of Lightweight 1005 Pure New Wool twill weave in 12oz and a Featherweight range in 8oz cloth.
For details and prices please email us.
We supply Lochcarron stock tartan fabric collections on a cut length basis with a two metre minimum length requirement.

The band/military weight tartan called 'Strome' is their most comprehensive range, usually consisting of around 600 tartans. The most popular tartans are stocked in double width whilst the rarer family tartans are woven single width. This quality is also very popular for use in home furnishing.

The medium weight Braeriach range is suitable for general kilt use and home furnishing is hard wearing. Produced in double width, the range now extends to over 150 tartans.

For kilts to be worn in the warmer climates and for more general use in clothing and accessories, the lighter weight Reiver collection of around 500 tartans is in constant demand.

Click HERE for more detail
We supply Strathmore's stock range of over 400 authentic tartan designs, in different weights, to cover most design and manufacturing requirements.

Strathmore's T7 Quality Stock Tartan is a 100% pure new wool, general purpose, light-weight (11/11.5 oz.) worsted tartan supplied in double width (61 inches). It is available in over 300 authentic stock tartan designs, in both Modern and Old Colours, and is suitable for making ladies' kilts, skirts, trousers, accessories such as scarves and neckties, and for a lighter weight gent's kilt.

Strathmore's W60 Quality Stock Tartan is a 100% pure new wool, medium weight (13oz.) worsted tartan supplied in double width (56 inches). It is available in over 120 authentic stock tartan designs in both Modern and Old Colours. The W60 is a thoroughbred, medium weight kilting fabric, woven with a traditional selvedge and intended primarily for use as a gent's kilting material. It also makes an ideal upholstery fabric.

Click HERE for more detail
Irish Tartans
View and Order Tartans from a Range of Irish tartans.
Tartan RugsTartan Rugs
We supply a range of 63 tartan rugs from stock and can supply any other tartan as a special order.

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