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A hundred thousand welcomes to Highland Clans online store.  We aim to provide you with the finest quality merchandise, the like of which was readily available a hundred years ago, but which is now very hard to find.  We shall continue to add products as and when we can find skilled craftsmen to create them.  If there is a related product that you would like that we do not yet offer, please contact us.  We may already have development in the pipeline! 

Mens Bespoke Kilt JacketsMens Bespoke Kilt Jackets
These garments are specially tailored to your own measurements. Click on image for more information.
Kilt Jackets and DoubletsKilt Jackets and Doublets
An outstanding range of Kilt Jackets made-to-order in a range of stock sizes. Click on image for more information.
Tartan JacketsTartan Jackets
Highland Clans offer a range of made-to-measure Tartan Jackets and Blazers, including Civilian Mess Kit Jackets with Tartan Facings. Click on image for more information.
Hand Made KiltsHand Made Kilts
Highland Clans specialise in top quality hand-stitched kilts made by skilled craftsmen in the heart of Scotland from 100% Pure New Wool. Click on image for more information.
Made-to-measure trews and tartan trousers in any tartan. Click on image for more information.
Highland Dress AccessoriesHighland Dress Accessories
Everything from tartan hose to silver buckles for your shoe. Now you have no excuse for wearing white hose! Click on image for more information.